Community colleges offer many short-term training programs that can lead to a stable career in a high-demand industry. Working in one of our region’s high-demand industries (agribusiness, construction, health care, information technology or manufacturing) can mean high growth potential, job security and higher wages.  

Students in their short-term training programs get the following benefits:

  • Direct employer involvement. Employers review the curriculum and some even teach in the program. That means what you are learning will be used on the job when you go to work. 
  • Confidence in a career choice. Participants know they have the skills to be successful and a head start when they begin their career. 
  • Earning a certificate or credential usually results in a higher starting wage.
  • Certificate holders typically advance more quickly in an organization because of what they have learned. 


which short-term training programs are “hot” right now at GRCC?

Programs with current openings and immediate jobs available after completion include: 

  • An accelerated Pre-Apprenticeship Line Worker program in partnership with Consumers Energy.  
  • Construction Electrical Apprentice Program 
  • Nursing Programs 
  • Cybersecurity Basics Program 
  • HVAC (Heating, cooling, air conditioning) programs.
  • CNC Machining programs.
  • Welding programs.
  • Public Works.
  • Mechanical Design Certificate.
  • Industrial Technology Certificate.




Community colleges provide a variety of resources such as, free tutoring services, advising, and career coaching, to help their students succeed when enrolled in their short-term training programs. 

For those concerned about the cost of going back to school, we can help you find ways make short-term training affordable, and in some cases free. If you want to improve your skills, now is the time!

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