WORKREADY! is a curriculum provided by West Michigan Works! to measure how well you understand and use nine important skills that employers value most. Check out the nine skills below.

How do we know these are the skills employers value?

Because we asked. West Michigan employers told us what skills they look for in an ideal candidate or employee, and the curriculum was developed based on this input.

How does WORKREADY work?

  • Take a pre-assessment to measure your current understanding and use of the employability skills.
  • Attend workshops to increase your knowledge of skills that scored lower on the pre-assessment.
  • Take a post-assessment to measure how your understanding of the skill(s) may have changed.
  • Receive a certificate that tells employers that you are WORKREADY!

Are you ready to become WORKREADY?


Take the online pre-assessment to measure your current understanding and use of employability skills.


Attend workshops to increase your knowledge in the skills that had a lower score in your pre-assessment. View the job seeker event calendar for your county and click on the WORKREADY workshop you want to register for.

WorkReady! Skills

Valuing attendance, being punctual, staying on task and focused

Verbal and non-verbal communication, active listening, feedback, message planning

Communication, knowing your role, respect for others, generational differences

Being a pleasure to work with, being reliable, correct and on time, communicating with others

Roles and rules of tech, workplace distractions, professionalism

Being flexible to change, reframing your perspective, showing willingness to learn, shifting approach to meet needs

Taking a different viewpoint, defining the problem, understanding complexity

Not afraid to make mistakes, considers the impact of their actions, makes small decisions, uses available info, is reflective

The innovation mindset, ideas – both big and small, thinking things through, communicating your ideas