Previous Essential Service Award Winners

2017 Winner Profile

Jen Joseph, Nurse Aide
Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital

For almost 30 years, Jen has worked tirelessly with our staff and patients to ensure the best care possible. Jen approaches every situation knowing exactly how to help or what to say. For example, there was a family whose mother was not making a lot of progress. The family was upset. Once Jen walked in, the patient lit up and the family’s mood shifted.

Dave makes going to the post office a delightful experience. He provides true customer service to each individual waiting in line, regardless of their attitude. I’ve seen Dave diffuse tense situations with angry customers through humor. He genuinely cares about his customers and attempts to connect with each one personally.

Chris will pick up shifts on the schedule even when she doesn’t want to, to ensure her team is always staffed. She is often helping others once she knows her assigned residents are well taken care of. Our follow-up satisfaction surveys always mention Chris by name as someone who went ‘above and beyond’ for them for their stay.

  • Child Care: Cheryl Balcom
    Day Care Provider/Owner
  • Cleaning: Tyrone Marshall
    Janitor, Mercy Health
  • Food Service: Tammy Nottingham
    Breakfast Attendant, Hampton Inn
  • General Labor: Jen Breen
    Driver, VanHydraulics
  • Government: James Fults
    Employment Counselor, Richard A. Handlon Correctional Facility
  • Health Care: Jen Joseph
    Nurse Aide, Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Hospitality: Adela Miranda
    Laundry Attendant, Residence Inn GR Airport
  • Nonprofit: Ana McClain
    Therapist, Wedgwood Christian Services
  • Transportation: Brenda Lutz
    Bus Driver, Grand Haven Public Schools
  • Child Care: Shela Jones
    Day Care Provider/Owner, Little House
  • Cleaning: Kelly Bricker
    Administrative Assistant, Luxury Janitorial
  • Food Service: Yolanda Marble
    Food service/Cashier, Muskegon Community College
  • General Labor: Michael VanHouten
    Production Associate, Plasan Carbon Composites
  • Government: Dave Janes
    Post Office Clerk, United States Post Office
  • Health Care: Terry White
    CNA, Metron of Belding
  • Hospitality: Julio Ignacio Caballero
    Laundry, Hampton Inn Holland
  • Nonprofit: Linda El
    Resident Advocate, Sylvia’s Place
  • Retail: Customer Service Team
    Martin Marathon
  • Transportation: Lisa VanderLaan
    Customer Care, Muskegon Area Transit Systems
  • Child Care: Aleesha Dedrich
    Early Head Start Home Visitor, Community Action Allegan
  • Cleaning/Housekeeping: Lois Tiesworth
    Custodian, Greenville Public Schools
  • Food Service: Sue Lynn Dean
    Food Counter/Food Prep, Pioneer Resources/Coastline Deli
  • General Labor: Maria Vargas
    Receptionist, West Michigan Uniform
  • Government: Billie Jo Hartwell
    Animal Shelter Director, Barry County
  • Health Care: Bobbie Marzean
    Medical Coder/Admission Assistant, Waterford Rehabilitation Center
  • Health Care: Chris Tesillo
    CNA, Sunset Retirement Communities & Services
  • Nonprofit: Sally Ashley
    Resident Advocate, Sylvia’s Place
  • Retail: Elizabeth Erickson
    Family Fare
  • Transportation: Kristin Bredeweg
    Bus Driver, Jenison Public Schools

Fayez has developed such a rapport with so many guests that guests ask for him specifically and I see it every day. When guests ask for him and he is not working, the disappointment is all over their face. He makes our team better, our hotel better, and the guest experience better.

  • Child Care: Rebecca Kerbyson
    In-Home Daycare Provider
  • Cleaning/Housekeeping: Fayez Radwan
    Bell Hop, Amway Grand Plaza
  • Food Service: Spencer Cannon
    Nutrition Services Assistant – Patent Tray Delivery, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s
  • General Labor: Derek Dirette
    Receiving Clerk, Operator Specialty Company
  • Government: Ronda Foreman
    Parks & Tourism Administrative Assistant, Allegan County
  • Health Care: Bobbi Bartlette
    CNA, Brookcrest Rehab and Living Center
  • Nonprofit: Kiel Hamlet
    Life Enrichment Center Resource Coordinator & Male Patron Advocate, Degage Ministries
  • Retail: Gwen Muma
    Sales Associate, Wesco
  • Transportation: Teri Maurer
    Transportation Coordinator/Bus Driver, YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids