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    • Your log in credentials will be sent to you at the email address you provided in your application of interest. 
    • Answer the review questions after viewing the presentation. 

    Due September 8, 2023: Complete your Career Portfolio ‐ MARAP Parts 2‐8 (complete in any order, at your own pace).  

    • Create a Pure Michigan Talent Connect account. 
    • Create your resume and cover letter.  
    • Complete the WorkReady! Assessment. 
    • Take typing proficiency.  
    • Take computer literacy.  
    • Complete the WorkKeys Assessment (if applicable) and upload results. 
    • Fill out the Career Pathway form. 
    • Take the O*NET Profiler (if applicable). 
    • Attend optional interview workshops.  
    • Complete employer application (you will receive an email message with the employer links). 


    Due Sept. 8, 2023: Submit your employer application(s). 

    • There will be separate applications for each employer. 


    Sept. 13 – Oct. 27, 2023: Employer selection process takes place. 

    • Choose to accept or decline any employment offer you may receive by the final selection date, Oct 27, 2023.  


     Nov. 6 – Dec. 22, 2023: Career Coach/New Hire meetings take place. 

    • Schedule a career coach meeting. 
    • You will receive the contact information for your assigned Career Coach through email. Please schedule your meeting as soon as possible.  
    • Attend orientation. 
    • GRCC (TBD) 
    • MCC Jan. 5, 2024 


    Program begins 

    • GRCC Jan. 8, 2024 
    • MCC Jan. 8, 2024