Handsome smiling and casual young man looking towards.Meet Nate: Nate had no work experience and a disability that made getting a job difficult. Through the Youth Employment Services program, Nate got an apprenticeship with a local electrical company after graduating from high school, attended community college and is on his way to a career in electrical engineering.

If you are out of school, having a hard time finding or keeping a job and wondering how to start a career, the West Michigan Works! Youth Employment Services program can help you, just like it did Nate.

How can Youth Employment Services help me?

The program offers free services to young adults, ages 16-24, who are experiencing challenges to finding employment. Participants can get on the path to a successful, long-term career through individualized employment and training activities.

  • Obtain your GED or high school diploma.
  • Use assessments and career exploration to develop a career pathway.
  • Participate in work experience to build your resume.
  • Get help removing barriers to employment/training like assistance with transportation, professional clothing, credit recovery and more!

Scholarships may be available for additional job training.

Do I qualify?

If you are a young adult, age 16-24, who is experiencing circumstances that make finding and keeping employment challenging, you may qualify. Eligibility is based on income in addition to many other factors.

How do I get started?

Certain documentation, like specific forms of ID and proof of income, will be required to enroll. Click here to learn more and find out if you are eligible.