Are you using the right words on your resume?

Writing a resume can be challenging. It’s hard to sum up years of accomplishments with a few words. Are the words you choose the best words to describe your skills and expertise?

Choosing the right words to describe your work experience matters. Resumes with passive verbs, business jargon and clichés make a weak first impression. You can strengthen the details of your resume with action verbs.

Action verbs paint a picture

Action verbs are specific and clarifying. A good action verb can demonstrate your strong work ethic (surpassed, discerned, endeavored) or introduce your accomplishments (accelerated, delivered, implemented). Action verbs give the employer a clear and concise picture of who you are and what you can do for them.

Action verbs in action

Here are some examples of action words and how you can use them while writing your resume to present your best self to employers and hiring managers.

Use this: Collaborated with community partners to increase access to services.
Not this: Worked with community partners…

Use this: Generated an additional 3% in revenue during first six months.
Not this: Earned 3% more revenue…

Use this: Spearheaded project to improve internal HR processes.
Not this: Led a work group…

Take the time to review and re-write your resume to include strong action verbs. This will clearly show the employer the value you will offer as an employee. You want your resume to make a good first impression so you’ll get the interview!

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