We recently sat down with Linden, a talent development instructor at West Michigan Works!, to talk about workshops for job seekers. Linden has been teaching workshops for five years and his favorite workshop to teach is Job Search Techniques. Here’s what we learned about what makes this workshop his favorite.

What is Job Search Techniques?

It is a free, hour-long workshop open to the public. It offers an overview of the skills and tools needed to start a successful job search.

Why is this such an important workshop for job seekers?

Prior to applying for a job, you need a strong foundation to prepare for every step of the job search process. This workshop is a great first step. You will walk away with a variety of basic skills to set you up for success, like:

  • where to find job openings
  • how to fill out an application
  • how to write a cover letter
  • what a professional resume looks like
  • why networking is important
  • how to develop your elevator speech
  • how to dress for an interview
  • and much more!

Anyone who wants more in-depth training in a specific topic such as resume writing or interviewing, can follow up with one of our other workshops.

What is something job seekers tell you they were surprised to learn in the workshop?

When filling out an application, a lot of people will answer “When can you start?” with “as soon as possible.” I used to do this. You might think it makes you look excited and willing to dive right in, but this can seem desperate to an employer. A different answer can show them you have considered whether or not the job is a good fit for you and aren’t just jumping at the first offer you get. Answering “within two to three days of offer,” indicates you are being thoughtful and more likely to commit to the company long-term.