The Going PRO Talent Fund awards grants to employers to assist in training, developing and retaining current and newly hired employees. The competitive application process opens September 12, 2019. These are five things you must know before starting your FY2020 application:

  1. Employers in West Michigan were awarded over $10 million dollars in reimbursement funds for Fiscal Year 2019. Nearly a third of the statewide total.
  2. 70% of employers awarded last year were 100 employees or less, with an average award of $36,000.
  3. The only way to apply is to work with West Michigan Works! staff who will walk an employer through the application and also work with the employer on documentation for completion.
  4. The Going Pro Talent Fund helps reimburse existing employees going to 3rd party training ($1,500 per person), new hire on the job training ($1,500 per person), and USDOL Apprenticeships ($3,000 per person). West Michigan Works! can help your organization develop a USDOL registered apprenticeship program for nearly any occupation.
  5. The best way to learn more is to attend an information session and get connected to a West Michigan Works! Business Solutions Representative.

Going Pro Talent Fund Information sessions begin Tuesday, August 20. Information sessions will cover: program elements, employer participation, eligibility, allowable training and more.