Meet Karla and Bob. They both came to a West Michigan Works! service center after losing their jobs. They both started their job search with fear they wouldn’t get rehired because they’re older workers. After help from their career coaches, they both found jobs similar to their previous ones and with similar wages.

Karla: Future came into focus

Karla was a successful optical office manager for 23 years before her employer retired and closed his practice. She came to Michigan Works! unsure of finding employment because of her age. Karla attended workshops to brush up on computer skills and improve her resume. She met with a Career Coach who gave her the tools needed to confidently apply for jobs. Less than two months later, she was offered a job at another optical office in a similar role and wage.

Bob: A lateral move

Bob was laid off from his commodity buyer job because his employer was downsizing. He feared his age would limit the positions available to him. A Career Coach helped Bob update his resume and improve his interviewing skills. After six months of applications and interviews, Bob was offered a similar position with an identical salary as his old job. He said, “West Michigan Works! never gave up on me. They continued to check in on a regular basis, offered services and often gave recommendations for open positions.”

Do either of their stories sound similar to yours? Visit one of our service centers to start your journey to a new career. Learn about training options, update your resume, practice interviewing and gain confidence.