Hiring events are a great opportunity for job seekers to make personal connections with potential employers and showcase more than their resume.

According to Kyle Tarkington, a business solutions representative, job seekers can expect to have casual conversations with employers and suggests they come prepared with questions for employers to facilitate better conversations.

“Job seekers need to be ready to answer questions about work experience, transportation and schedule limitations, as well as what job they are looking for and why,” said Tarkington.

Read the event description

Employers include important information, such as necessary certifications, experience and physical requirements within the hiring event description. This may also include whether the employer plans to make on-the-spot offers or if they will contact job seekers at a later date to schedule additional interviews or make a job offer. Before you meet with them, here’s how to answer “tell me about yourself.”

Do your research

Search the company on sites such as Glassdoor or Indeed to learn from current and former employees what it’s like working for the company.

Visit their social media pages and websites to get an understanding of the company’s culture, the customer experience and day-to-day operations. Is this a company where you could see yourself working?

Update your resume

Review your resume to make sure it’s relevant to the jobs being offered. Include only the work experience and qualifications that show you meet the job requirements and bring at least five copies of your resume and references with you. Here are some tips on resume formatting.

Follow up after the event

According to a recent survey, 80% of hiring managers say a thank you note or email helps them make a final hiring decision. Be sure to ask recruiters for their business card so you can follow up; it may help you stand out from other candidates.

Strengthen your network

Tarkington encourages job seekers to attend WMW hiring events to meet with people in the community and make connections.

“Going to hiring events gives job seekers more knowledge and awareness of the job market.” Tarkington continued. “Plus it never hurts to connect and strengthen your network and increase your job search success probability!”

Discover upcoming hiring events here.

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