No matter how you say “welcome,” if you are a new American, West Michigan Works! can provide opportunities to find a satisfying career in the United States. Refugee and immigrant navigators can provide specialized assistance to help you start your new life.

Here are a few ways that we can help.

Specialized services for new Americans include access to appropriate resources such as open-entry ESL (English as a Second Language) class and employment services like building your resume, completing online job applications and connecting you to local employers with job opportunities.

Help meeting work requirements. Anyone authorized to work by the US Department of Homeland Security can receive free employment services. A refugee and immigrant navigator can assist you with paperwork and resources, like English language proficiency, high school diploma, GED or assessment tests, to qualify for certain training and education programs.

Referrals to MITS (Michigan International Talent Solutions). Highly qualified, skilled and educated immigrants and refugees can receive professional employment support from MITS.

Opportunities abound. New Americans do not need to settle on a low-paying job. There are opportunities to learn English and gain the education and training needed to pursue your dream job and earn a sustaining income for your family.

You can make your American dream happen. Many local employers appreciate the hard work and job performance of refugees and immigrants. With a steady income you can establish good credit and realize goals, such as buying a house, within two to five years of arriving in the US.