Did you know West Michigan Works! regularly hosts employer of the day events where job seekers can meet local employers face-to-face and learn about job opportunities at their company?

We recently chatted with Tory, a business solutions representative at West Michigan Works!, to find out what job seekers can expect and what employers are looking for at an employer of the day event. Tory started his career at West Michigan Works! working with job seekers as a career navigator. He has been working with employers as a member of the business solutions team for over a year.

What should a job seeker expect when attending an employer of the day event?

Some employers will begin with a brief presentation about the company. Others will begin with job seekers filling out an application onsite and yet others require job seekers to apply online prior to meeting them. Because the event structure varies by employer, it’s important to arrive at the start of the event and plan to be there for an hour. If the employer has an online application process, complete that before attending.

What do employers want to see from attendees?

First impressions are important in the hiring process. Attendees should dress as if they were coming for a formal interview. Always bring your resume, cover letter and references. If you have any credentials or certifications related to the job or a career portfolio, bring those as well.

Are employers ready to hire if they meet the right candidate?

Yes! Many employers make job offers to qualified candidates at the event. Others schedule a second interview for a later date at their company.

Any final advice for job seekers planning to attend an employer of the day event?

Employers want to meet candidates who are genuinely interested in the open position and being a part of the company. Always have a question ready for the employer. Do some research before the event; read the job description and visit their website. Take it a step further by discussing what you can do for their company—connect your skills to the job description. Employers like to hear what you can bring to their team and how you will best fit within the organization.