The job search process can be long and stressful. Doing it on your own can feel isolating. At West Michigan Works! service centers you can not only find answers to questions and get connected to local resources, you can get some encouragement when things get tough.

Don’t wait until your next visit to a service center to get an encouraging word! Here are some pieces of advice from West Michigan Works! staff throughout West Michigan:

Be open to any and all possibilities – the greatest opportunities are often the most unexpected! -Rachel Dziabuda, career navigator, Ottawa

Job searching is like running a marathon; you have to get yourself ready for change. Know what direction you are traveling. Get organized, and start to build a group of contacts and support references that could showcase example stories of your skills and abilities that will encourage the company to hire you. -Ronda Nowakowski, career navigator, Allegan

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t hear back or find that perfect job right away; when one door closes, another door opens!  -Leslie Jolman, assistant manager business solutions, Muskegon/Ottawa

In order to succeed, have confidence and always believe in yourself.  -Abby Stalker, talent solutions manager, Ionia/Montcalm

Truly find and discover your true passion and interests, it will open new lanes of opportunity! -Marco Rios, business solutions representative, Ottawa

Positivity, sprinkled through a job search like encouraging words, enhances mental abilities such as “creative thinking, cognitive flexibility and the processing of information” explains Daniel Goleman in his book Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships. These functions will help your brain perform more efficiently and effectively than with negative emotions.

Don’t make your job search journey alone. Make a list of the people or places where you can find encouragement.