The impact of COVID-19 has left many job seekers looking for work or making career changesIf you’re looking for work, now’s the time to take advantage of virtual job search resources, workshops and events. This virtual guide can help you prepare, apply and interview for jobs and improve soft skills that are needed in the workplace.  

We sat down with Michele Evans, a talent development specialist with West Michigan Works!, to talk about the variety of resources available online at no cost to job seekers. 

Rethinking Your Resume

Having a poorly written resume can reduce your chances of getting a job. TheResume Makeover workshop can help you organize and properly format your resume as more employers utilize resume scanning systems to sort through large volumes of submissions. 

More and more employers are using resume scanning systemsIf the most important information is not placed correctly or your resume is not in the correct format, your resume won’t make it into the hands of a hiring manager.” says Evans. 

Virtual Job Search and Interview Techniques

Interviews can be challenging. TheIntro to Interviewing workshop covers how to research and prepare for interviews, answer questions, and how to appropriately follow-up after an interview. 

“Knowing how to successfully and confidently answer difficult interview questions isn’t something we all have a grasp on,” Evans continued. “Our interviewing workshop will help you gain the confidence needed for a successful interview. 

Browse Available Careers Online

The online Career Exploration  workshop is a great place for you to start if you’re looking to change careers or unsure of your career options. Using the O*Net Profiler, you can discover careers that suit your experience, education and skills. There is also a WorkReady workshop series that focuses on soft skills—the skills that employers look for in their employees and job candidates.   

“We designed the WorkReady series so that job seekers can quickly absorb information and immediately apply that knowledge through activities,” Evans continued. “This gives job seekers real-world tools they can apply to everyday home and work life.” 

The virtual  Job Search Techniques workshop will give you in-depth job search knowledge on current job search trends. It features tips on how to fill out applications, write cover letters and where to look for employment. 

There are many advantages of continued learning, especially when the outcomes could lead to potential employment, career advancements and financial security. Sign up for theWeekly Hot Jobs email to have job opportunities delivered to your inbox and check out our other at-home resources for job search tips and more!