Working with a Talent Development Specialist at West Michigan Works!
West Michigan Works! offers a variety of free services to job seekers. One of these services is working with a talent development specialist (TDS). Talent development specialists are dedicated to helping job seekers meet their career goals. 

What can a talent development specialist do for you? 

In general, a TDS can help you find a satisfying career. When working with a job seeker, they will: 

  • Discuss employment options and identify training needed for your selected career.
  • Help polish resumes and cover letters. 
  • Provide mock interviews and interview skills coaching. 
  • Show you where and how to search for jobs in today’s market. 
  • Connect you to workshops that can boost your skills and employability. 

Are you job ready?


Talent development specialists work with individuals who are “job ready.” Being job ready means your resume is up-to-date, you can start a job in two weeks and have other resources available like reliable transportation, day care and work attire. 

If you are job ready and struggling to find the right job or you want to move into a new field, you could benefit from working with a TDS. 

“We are here to help you be the best you can be and have great success at find a job you love. Most people are not experts at job searching or interviewing. It can be a nerve-racking process. That’s where we can help you.”  

-Kim Heenan, talent development specialist, West Michigan Works! 

What can job seekers expect when working with a TDS?

Initially, you will meet one-on-one with a TDS to discuss your career hopes and any concerns or challenges that may get in the way of your career goals. You will have a dedicated staff person who will send job postings that may be a good fit, connect you to resources like mock interviews and job search tools and most importantly, provide encouragement throughout the process.  

Your first step to a new career is to call a West Michigan Works! service center and ask to connect with a talent development specialist or fill out this online form.