How Self-Esteem Affects Your Job Search

Everyone has low self-esteem sometimes. This is especially true if you are out of work. When you believe in yourself and your abilities, it can positively affect your job search. West Michigan Works! Self-Esteem Workshop is designed to help you increase your self-esteem and understand  the role it plays in your professional and personal life. 

We spoke with Beth McMurray, a talent development specialist and developer of the workshop, to learn how self-esteem can affect your life and job search.  

“Searching for a job, networking, and interviewing can lead to feelings of failure or self-doubt,” said McMurray, who leads the workshop each month. She believes having high self-esteem can help you manage feelings of failure and doubt during your job search.  

“If you have healthy self-esteem, you are likely to be an effective and assertive communicator,” said McMurray. “You set boundaries, and you are not afraid of conflict or feedback from others.” 

“Low self-esteem can limit your job search since you feel like you are not ‘good enough’ or ‘qualified’ for a job, even though you might be,” said McMurray. However, low self-esteem and habits, such as negative self-talk and imposter syndrome (a negative thinking pattern in which you doubt your accomplishments and fear being considered a fraud), may be changed if you are aware that it is happening.  

“A good thing to ask yourself is ‘would I say this to a friend?’ If you would not tell a friend they are a failure or they will never get the job they want, you should not say it to yourself.”  

-Beth McMurray, talent development instructor

The workshop offers a brief history of the concept of self-esteem, factors that hurt your self-esteem, and techniques to improve and support it. Job seekers attending the workshop discover a new sense of self-awareness.  

Your self-esteem is fluid and changes throughout your life. This workshop can help you find comfort in knowing that you are not alone and motivate you to spearhead your job search.  

“Many of us—myself included—have struggled with self-esteem. It helps to acknowledge what we can control and still celebrate small successes and wins along the way,” said McMurray.  

Everyone has limitless potential. Check out our calendar to register for the Self-Esteem Workshop and start building confidence in yourself and your job search today!