For many, the new year symbolizes a fresh start, a time to establish goals and feel optimistic about the upcoming year. It doesn’t matter if you are in the habit of creating resolutions or not, you can still use that new-year excitement to benefit your job search.

Take some time to set a few realistic goals to work toward. Here are a few ideas:

Update your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Refreshing your resume or LinkedIn profile are ideal ways to get in the mindset for job searching. Make sure your current position is listed and update degrees, certifications, or new skills and accomplishments. Does your profile picture on LinkedIn actually look like you? If not, have a new photo taken.

Learn a new skill.

You are never too old to learn something new. Developing new skills gives you confidence, keeps you motivated, and can help you achieve professional goals. While skills vary by industry, brushing up on written communications or learning a new software program are good ideas, no matter what industry.

Establish healthier habits.

Make lunch instead of eating out and have healthy snacks on hand to avoid the afternoon slump or sugar craving. Stand up more often and take a quick walk during a break. A more positive approach to life in general will help keep you motivated during a job search.

Clean and declutter your workspace.

A clean workspace can make you happier and more productive. Recycle or shred unneeded documents. Clean out your inbox and establish a folder system to help you stay organized.

The new year is a great time to consider new career and training opportunities. Stop into your nearest West Michigan Works! service center; career experts are ready to help you find fulfilling work in 2022!