Video interviews are used during all stages of the hiring process; they are more convenient and more efficient than in-person or phone interviews. A one-way video is a less common type of video interview, but nonetheless, offers benefits to both the employer and candidate.  Here are some tips to prepare for a one-way video interview.

What is a one-way video interview?

During a one-way video interview, a candidate records their answers to an employer’s pre-selected questions. This type of interview is typically done in the initial screening process. It gives employers the chance to review many candidates in a short amount of time and they can watch and rewatch the videos as needed.

What are advantages for job seekers?

  • The candidate has flexibility to record at their convenience.
  • The questions are provided in advance; candidates have time to think about their answers.
  • Candidates may have the ability to rerecord their answers.

What are the disadvantages?

  • It may feel uncomfortable talking to a camera.
  • The time limits can make candidates feel rushed.
  • There is no opportunity for feedback or to ask questions.

How to prepare for a one-way video interview

Test your camera and microphone before recording your answers and limit background noises that could affect video quality. Practice looking into the camera while speaking.

Read the instructions carefully. Is there a deadline to submit answers? Does the employer have any special requests? Missing one instruction can eliminate you from consideration.

Even though a one-way video interview doesn’t require face-to-face interaction, dress professionally. Wear a solid color but avoid white or a color that might blend in with the background. The employer needs to see you clearly!

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