In 2020, LinkedIn introduced its “Open to Work” feature to help job seekers and hiring managers connect. According to the platform’s data, users who turned on “Open to Work” saw a 40% increase in LinkedIn InMails from hiring managers about job openings.

The feature is free and available to all LinkedIn users. To signal that you are looking for employment, you need to enable it:

  • First, at the top-right of LinkedIn’s homepage, click “Me.”
  • Next, go to “View profile.”
  • After your profile loads, click the “Open to” button.
  • Now, select “Finding a new job.”

A dialogue box will ask you what kind of job or title you are looking for or if you want to work remotely, in person, or hybrid.

  • Finally, you can “Choose who sees you are open.”

Choose this option carefully! Selecting “All LinkedIn members” puts the green photo frame on your profile picture and is visible to everyone on the platform, including a current employer. Selecting “Recruiters Only” makes your job search preferences visible to recruiters who use the Linkedin Recruiter function.

Using the “Open to Work” feature can be a great tool to job search with if you are open to the opportunities that come to you. Whether you decide to use the “Open to Work” feature or not, it’s important to have an updated header and profile.  Learn more about how to get noticed on LinkedIn.