Looking to start a new job right away?
Consider learning a skilled trade and start a career you love!

Welding is a skilled tradeWhen you’re out of work, you worry about how you will pay the bills, keep the lights on, put food on the table. Not knowing when you’ll get your next paycheck is scary! It makes sense that you would want a job you can start right away.

In moments of high anxiety (like when you’re unemployed!) it’s natural to look for the quickest way to ease that stress. But what if a period of unemployment could be turned into an opportunity? What if you traded that immediate job opening for short-term training and a career—a career that leads to greater fulfillment and increased stability?

West Michigan Works! can help you do that. We can work with you to identify your skills and interests, and match them to an in-demand career. We can connect you to the training you need to get hired in one of West Michigan’s high-demand industries.

Top 5 reasons to learn a skilled trade

  • There are lots of openings! Michigan employers need to fill 47,000 professional trade openings annually through 2026.
  • There are scholarships available to help pay for training for in-demand occupations.
  • Many training programs are two years or less.
  • Learning a skilled trade can open the door to opportunities for continuous growth.

And the number one reason to learn a skill and start a new career…

  • Individuals with some type of training or education beyond high school have the potential to earn much more over their lifetime.

Even without earning a degree, some amount of post-secondary education adds nearly a quarter of a million dollars to lifetime earnings. This equates to an average wage of $38,700 per year.

Those who have an Associate degree earn almost $200,000 more in a lifetime, or have average annual earnings of $43,200.

The median wage for skilled trade workers in Michigan is $54,000 per year, which is 45% higher than other occupations.

Are you ready to learn a skill, find a fulfilling career and earn more over a lifetime? Visit a West Michigan Works! service center near you or connect with us online at http://bit.ly/2W9Nb8Q to get started.