The 2021 job market was challenging for both employers and job seekers as they navigated talent shortages, virtual work environments, and COVID-19 restrictions. With all the changes and disruption, it is more important than ever to be aware of trends in the hiring process. Here are some job search trends for 2022. 

A focus on skills. 

Many employers have adopted skills-based hiring practices to increase their candidate pool. Skills-based hiring focuses on core, transferable skills over qualifications, such as degrees or certifications. This is good news for job seekers who might not have a degree but have relevant skills and experience. 

More remote opportunities.  

Hiring managers are not limiting their candidate search to a specific area. Remote opportunities provide a larger, more diverse talent pool. With new COVID-19 variants springing up, employers will continue to offer flexible, hybrid work options to attract and keep the best candidates. 

Increased demand for better benefits. 

Job seekers are looking for more than a job; they are looking for benefits that improve their quality of life. Employers will look to improve their benefits, such as medical coverage and wages, to keep up with job seekers’ demands and the competitiveness of the market. 

Being aware of hiring trends can make you a more knowledgeable, more confident job seeker. Want more helpful tips and guidance? Contact your local service center to schedule an appointment with a career expert today!