Job rejection? Here are some tips to stay positive!

Being rejected for a job can feel personal. Especially if it happens often or if you do not get any feedback as to why. Dealing with rejection does not have to lower your morale or slow down your job search – it can be empowering. 

Ask hiring managers for feedback 

Asking for advice or feedback shows your desire to improve. It can help you discover areas where you need to grow.  

Reflect on the experience 

You might feel tempted to put off your job search after a rejection. Instead, respond to rejection by following up with an email thanking the hiring manager for their time. Then take time to think about what you may have learned from the experience. Talk with a supportive friend or relative in a comfortable setting to let go of any negative feelings. 

Improve your interviewing skills 

Rejection can be an excellent opportunity to identify areas for improvement. Here are a few questions to help you reflect: What went well? Is there anything I could’ve done differently? Were there any interview questions I could’ve answered better? 

Refine your job search 

Sometimes, rejection can be a wake-up call. It could be that you’re not qualified for the positions you’re applying for. Before you apply for a job, look at the job’s description and ask yourself if this job is something you could see yourself doing daily. You can refine your job search by looking for jobs based on keywords relating to your career or the job title you want.  

Stay focused on your career goals 

Don’t let your job search lose momentum. Be resilient. Keep job searching until you have received an offer that meets your career expectations and goals.