Every year, West Michigan Works! releases a list of the top high-demand job opportunities in the region’s in-demand industries—construction/energy, health sciences, information technology, manufacturing, and professional/administrative services. The workforce agency works closely with local employers to understand their talent needs and the training or preparation needed for specific jobs in the region.  

What makes a job “hot”? 

A hot job is an occupation that can provide a great career opportunity. These jobs are “hot” because not only are they high-demand jobs, with a significant number of current openings AND because they are expected to have even more openings in the future.   

How can I use this list? 

If you are looking for a job or considering a career change, the list will give you an idea of where the job opportunities are in West Michigan. For each job title, it lists median wages (what you can expect to earn mid-career) and what training you might need.  

Not sure which career is right for you?  

The online list features links to videos that can give you a taste of the daily tasks and activities performed in that occupation. The videos are a great tool to explore careers and see which ones fit your talents and passion. You’ll also findlinks to career profiles. These profiles provide in-depth information on the type of knowledge, skills, abilities, and education needed for the job.   

Need additional training to qualify for a high-demand job? 

Any occupations that meet the criteria for Michigan Works! training scholarships are clearly identified. Call your local service center to find out if you qualify or make an appointment to discuss your career goals with a career coach. 

If you’re in the market for a new job or career, don’t wait to check out the online 2021 Hot Jobs List!