Your job search is more than just creating resumes and preparing for interviews. The follow-up email is just as important.

According to CareerBuilder, less than 25% of job seekers follow up with a thank-you email after their interviews. Sending a thank-you email is a terrific way to remind hiring managers of your skills and qualifications. Here is how to write a professional thank-you email that might separate you from other qualified candidates.

Use a clear subject line.

Use the subject line to remind hiring managers who you are. Consider including the name of the position in the subject line. For example: “Thank you for the opportunity to interview for XYZ Co.’s accountant position” or “Follow up to accountant interview.”

Express your appreciation.

Let the hiring manager know that you appreciated their time and the opportunity to learn more about the company and position. If you interviewed with multiple people, send individual thank-you emails. Make sure you spell their names correctly! You can check the spelling by searching for their interview invites, company website, or LinkedIn profiles.

Restate your qualifications.

The thank-you email is an opportunity to remind hiring managers about your qualifications. Briefly mention relevant skills and how they would benefit the company.

Add contact information.

Closing your email with your contact information makes it easier for hiring managers to connect with you. A professional email signature includes your email address and phone number, as well as links to your online portfolios or profiles. Scan the email for any spelling or grammar mistakes before sending.

Following up after an interview is an important step in the job search process. Send an authentic and brief email that expresses your appreciation for the opportunity, reconfirms your interest in the position, and assures hiring managers that you are qualified for the job.