Show Your Value as an Experienced Worker

Age discrimination is something many people will deal with at some point while looking for employment. Age discrimination affects both the young and old, but one age bracket is being hit the hardest now — the experienced worker (40+ years old). 

“Job search can be difficult for anyone, but the experienced worker faces some unique challenges. There are five generations represented in today’s workforce because people are working longer. A bigger pool of job seekers means experienced workers need to create strategies to compete.”
– Jill Brown, talent development instruction at West Michigan Works!

West Michigan Works! staff developed the Job Searching for the Experienced Worker workshop to help experienced job seekers navigate the complexities of the job market and show their value to employers.  

“Many of our experienced workers have had events in their careers that have been disheartening,” said Brown. “This has left them feeling frustrated and fearful about the future. During our workshop, we aim to provide encouragement, support, and resources to help the job seeker get “back in the game” with confidence.” 

 What you will learn.

Workshop participants will learn how to: 

  • Identify misconceptions about age discrimination. 
  • Identify and address potential employer perceptions. 
  • Understand the differences between growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset. 
  • Show their value in the workplace through new strategies. 
  • Recognize thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors that work against experienced workers. 
  • Evaluate the importance of salary expectations, retirement, and other financial considerations. 

Attendees will receive a list of additional resources and tools to help them throughout their search.  

All of our workshops focus on skills related to employment and/or training and are open to the public at no charge. Workshops are typically 75 minutes, unless otherwise noted. Visit the online calendar for the complete schedule and to register.