If you have a love of technology, a job as a CNC machinist might be for you. With technology playing an increasing role in industry tools and processes, manufacturing offers challenging work in modern, high-tech environments in a variety of jobs.

According to The Right Place, West Michigan is home to more than 141,300 advanced manufacturing jobs and 2,535 businesses. A CNC machinist is one of many roles in manufacturing that relies heavily on technology. It is also the most in-demand role in West Michigan with a projected growth of 3,100 openings each year.

Check out these details on the skills and training needed to become a CNC machinist.

Typical duties of a CNC machinist:

  • Set up and operate a variety of computer-numeric-controlled (CNC) machines to create tools and parts.
  • Create computer commands or programs.
  • Write machine instructions.
  • Review blueprints, machine specifications, job orders, drawings, and data.

The typical educational requirements for a CNC machinist include a high school diploma, an associate degree or post-secondary certificate, or training from a vocational school. Related on-the-job experience is very important; someone new to the role will need to work alongside an experienced worker for hands-on training. An apprenticeship program is possible too.

Technological skills are essential. A machinist must know how to use various design and presentation software programs.

Other skills or abilities:

  • Mechanical aptitude.
  • Good math skills.
  • The ability to produce blueprints, models, drawings, and technical plans.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Critical thinking skills.

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