Whether you are a high school student thinking about the future or someone with an established career, now is a great time to consider your options.

“Career exploration is often the most overlooked step in the job seeker process,” said Deb Powell, a career coach at West Michigan Works!

Start exploring!

What’s a good first step? While there are plenty of online career assessments available, a conversation with a career expert is a great way to get started. Visit or call a Michigan Works! service center and let them know you are interested in career exploration.

“I feel it’s essential to have a conversation,”  said Kim Heenan, a talent development specialist for West Michigan Works! “It allows for so much more information to come to the surface. I love making that one-on-one connection and starting to build the bond.”

Find a good fit

A conversation with a career expert plus a career assessment can provide important insights. “The assessment can be a real eye opener for participants,” Powell said. “One example of this is the JOFI assessment which takes in to account the job seekers cognitive skills, career interests, and personality. The combined results can paint a clear picture of the road the job seeker should take to find a career that would be satisfying and best suited for them.”

Be open to new possibilities

Part of the exploration process is learning about new possibilities or options that you may not have considered before, as well as the variety of ways that West Michigan Works! can help you throughout your journey.

West Michigan Works! staff can help you update your resume, prepare for an interview, recommend online or in-person workshops, and connect you to training opportunities or employers who are looking for people with your skills. Staff members may also be able to connect you to support services or resources related to your job search.

Are you ready to start exploring? Get the process started with a visit to a Michigan Works! service center  or email us!