Boost Your Resume to Get Noticed

A resume is much more than just another hoop to jump through when trying to get hired. It is an important tool that can set you apart from other applicants. Take the time and care to create a resume that stands out to hiring managers.  

Hiring managers aren’t your only audience. A CNBC article indicates that 75% of resumes are never seen by a human. Many HR departments rely on an applicant tracking system (ATS) to screen incoming resumes. Simply put, you have to impress a robot 

How to Boost Your Resume

While there are no guarantees, there are some things you can do to help you get past the initial review by the ATS. 

  • Customize your cover letter and resume for each position you are applying for. You will be more likely to include keywords that the robot is looking for, such as skills specific to that position. 
  • Also include information about your soft skills. These are non-technical skills that employers want to see in their staff, such as flexibility, problemsolving and strong communication. 
  • Use industry jargon, or words that are specific to that industry, but don’t go overboard. Using jargon correctly can help both bots and hiring managers understand you are experienced and skilled in the profession. 

Once you make it through the ATS review, you need to catch the attention of hiring managers 

A Professional Profile Helps You Stand Out

Many hiring managers and recruiters spend just seconds scanning your resume, and the objective section is the first thing they usually read Use a professional profile to catch their intention, instead of a traditional objective statement. Your professional profile should showcase your best qualities and skills. Select what you will highlight based on the job posting and/or descriptionHere are two resources to help you create a professional profile: 

Use Numbers and Data

Numbers and data can quantify your experience for hiring managers. For example, if someone worked as a customer service representative at a call center, saying “provided technical support for 100 callers on average each day” is a lot more powerful than saying, “provided technical support.” This gives the hiring manager a better idea of your capability and potential.  

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