kimberly stein
Kimberly Stein, HR Manager

Recco Filters makes wire mesh fuel, hydraulic and pneumatic filters for the aerospace, fluid power and other industries. They’ve received multiple customer awards for quality.

Recco is currently hiring for several positions, so we chatted with their HR manager, Kimberly Stein, about these opportunities.

What makes a great Recco employee?

Because Recco makes small precision products, we need people whose work is meticulous and detail-oriented. We also look for people with a strong work ethic, who have good hand-eye coordination and the desire to learn.

How can a job seeker stand out in an interview?

Have your resume with you; being prepared is a key component during the interview process. It demonstrates organization and attention to detail. Be ready to explain how your current or past experience can be an asset to Recco. Also, be prepared to explain how you excelled at some aspect of your current or prior job.

Candidates should also be familiar with the work we do. Five minutes on our website will give them enough information to ask informed questions. When a candidate researches us, it shows me they’re interested and pro-active.

Express interest by asking questions either about the job or the company. It demonstrates initiative and professionalism.

What are some good questions job seekers should ask you during the interview process?

Here are a couple strong ones:

  1. How does this position fit into your company’s mission?
  2. Tell me more about the department I might work in.
  3. What does a successful employee look like to you?

Recco Filters is our Employer of the Day in Hastings on Wednesday, May 23.

Employer of the Day

Meet Kim and hear more about Recco Filters at their Employer of the Day event on Wednesday, May 23 in Hastings. See details here.

Recco Filters is hiring!

Do you think you’d make a great team member and have 1-2 years of manufacturing experience?

  • Assembly Operator
  • Kick Press Operator
  • Resistance Welder
  • Deburring Operator
  • Machine Operator
  • Quality Technician

See details about all open positions here.