Muskegon Recovery Center is part of the Cherry Health system, which offers health services to individuals who have little or no access to health care. The Recovery Center provides medication assisted treatment, as well as group therapy and support services, for individuals addicted to opiates.

MRC currently has a long waiting list of individuals seeking treatment and is looking to hire more staff. We talked to two current staff to find out what it’s like to work there: therapist Cristina Walcott, LMSW, and Lexi Gade, a registered nurse.

What do you like most about working at MRC?

Cristina: The best part of my job is the coworkers. We bounce ideas off each other, support each other and brainstorm ideas to make sure we provide the best care for each patient.

Lexi: I really enjoy seeing our patients every day; seeing their success and failures and helping them through change.

I also love the team environment. We work closely with the therapists and this relationship creates a really beautiful and unique environment.

What advice would you give to a new employee?

Cristina: This job can definitely be challenging. It’s important that you take care of yourself, mentally and physically. It’s good to talk with other co-workers.

Get rid of any preconceived notions; there is no standard patient. Everyone’s background and history is so different. They’re each on their own journey.

Lexi: Keep an open mind, be ready to learn. We think the best of everyone who comes in. How can we inspire patients to find motivation to commit to the program?

Do you have any stories you would like to share?

Cristina: A patient and I recently had a serious talk about his drug usage. He’s now over a month and a half clean- the longest he’s ever been clean. It makes me feel almost as good as he does.

Lexi: I am working with a patient who was struggling to be successful. I don’t know what changed for her, but it’s like a fire was lit under her. We’re so proud of her and the progress she’s made. She has a job and a home, and is working to get her kids back into her life. These stories inspire me to keep serving.

Tell us a benefit of working at MRC.

Cristina: MRC encourages us to continue our professional education whether it’s pursuing credentials, going to lectures, or utilizing different training materials.

Cherry Health has openings for several positions:

  • Behavioral Health Supervisor/Clinical Manager (LMSW, LPC, LLP)
  • LPN (part-time)
  • Outpatient Therapist (LMSW)
  • Outpatient Therapist (LMSW, LLMSW, LLPC, LPC, TLLP, LLP) (part-time)
  • Recovery Coach
  • RN Supervisor