The enormous white and glass building is tucked away in a quiet neighborhood with tree-lined streets and quaint houses. The front office space is fresh and bright, just like the manufacturing facility.

Dicastal North America opened five years ago in Greenville. As the #1 wheel manufacturer in the United States, they employ over 500 individuals who work to keep the plant open 24/7.

We met one employee who was hired when the floors were still dirt. Spencer Dittenber joined the company almost a year before any product was produced in the facility.

Different than previous jobs, he would work alongside robots as well as humans on the lines. So, Spencer went to the Dicastal headquarters in China to learn background and process, before taking a robotics class at Montcalm Community College.

Spencer Dittenber and Michelle Bigelow

“I’m glad I was around for so long to learn the process. The knowledge has helped me so much in my current position,” Spencer said.

Spencer is now a team leader, helping a four-person team run 60 machines and 20 robots. He gained the skills needed to begin a leadership position through on-the-job training and classroom training.

He plans to continue growing his leadership skills, or pursue engineering to work with the product. Either direction, he knows Dicastal will support his career goals.

Back in the office area, we met Michelle Bigelow a Quality Specialist. She ensures processes and procedures are documented correctly for different client specifications. Her position requires a lot of knowledge about the wheel manufacturing process.

Michelle was hired less than a year after Spencer. And since then, role has changed as she’s grown professionally.

“Our leadership team watches everyone as they work. They pick up on strengths and move people into roles that enhances their skills, strengths and career goals,” Michelle said.

Now hiring

Michelle’s position allows her the opportunity to meeting everyone in the organization; something not all employees can say. She checks in with the different teams throughout the manufacturing process ensuring information is collected and documented as needed.

You can work with Spencer and Michelle. Check out Dicastal’s open positions here.

Dicastal wages begin at $12.50/hour with increases at 90 days, six months and one year. They offer a comprehensive benefits package, and a monthly and quarterly bonuses for attendance and production quality.