Davidson Plyforms is the largest curved plywood manufacturer in North America. They make wood furniture pieces for customers like Haworth, Steelcase and Herman Miller. Their products are used daily around the world in offices, hospitals, schools and homes.

There is no typical day at Davidson Plyforms because their jobs are small volume orders.

“Each order requires different finishes and pieces to make,” said Joe Wiersma, press operator and cell leader. “I might work on chair backs, then switch to stool seats and then chair arms. I like that my job changes a lot.”

Craftsmen-type work

The manufacturing process begins with thin sheets of veneer stacked together. Then they’re pressed to create the curve and finished to the customer’s specifications. Large machines do the actual curving and cutting, but the machine operator’s attention to detail makes a difference between a good or great final product.

“The work we do is so intricate; you can see the impact of each operator’s touch on the piece. These jobs are very craftsmen-like positions,” said Mark Walkington, plant manager.

When a new employee joins the Davidson Plyforms team, they’re paired with a trainer-mentor who guides them through the onboarding process for this unique job.

One team

A strong team is integral to the success of the company. Team members are valued for the strengths they bring to Davidson Plyforms.

“We can tell you a lot about the people who work for us; what they do, how they do it and what their strengths and weaknesses are. We try to utilize everyone’s strengths to build a strong team,” said Sicilio Puente, finishing department lead.

Seven years ago, Devin Marcinowski was hired as a second shift press operator.

“Some coworkers encouraged me to apply for a CNC Programmer position. I’m glad they kept nudging me to do it. Now I’m a first shift CNC programmer and I’m going to school to finish my degree,” Marcinowski said.

Davidson Plyforms’ tuition reimbursement program helps pay for tuition and books for employees pursuing a degree or certification.

They’re hiring for machine operators! Click here to see the job posting.