Non-Traditional Ways to Develop Talent Pipelines & Diversify Your Workforce

It seems these days everyone is talking about how unemployment rates across the country are at a historical low. While this factor may indicate a healthy economy, what does it mean for companies who need qualified workers? Employers may need to consider non-traditional methods to develop talent pipelines.

There are still people looking for a good job. They may be returning to work after raising kids or from a military deployment. They may have transportation or childcare needs they are figuring out. And you probably won’t find them through traditional recruiting methods. When employers use non-traditional pathways to attract and develop workers, they get the talent they need while creating a more diverse workforce—a win-win for the company and the community.

If you’re struggling to find and/or keep qualified talent, consider these non-traditional ways to engage job seekers.

  1. Go find talent; don’t wait for it to come to you.

    Engage local community groups who work with unemployed or underemployed individuals. Find organizations who help clients get employability and/or technical training. They can connect you to work-ready individuals who are looking for a new opportunity. West Michigan Works! serves thousands of job seekers every year and can help match them to the jobs you need to fill.

  2. Invest in your current workforce.

    Can you train your lower-level staff to fill the skills gaps that exist for higher-level positions? It is probably easier to back-fill the lower-level position. Plus investing in your current workforce creates greater employee engagement and retention. There are even workforce training funds available to help off-set the cost. West Michigan Works! can help you apply for funding to make upskilling your current workforce more affordable.

  3. Join an Industry Council.

    High demand industries in West Michigan, including construction, health care, information technology and manufacturing, have active initiatives addressing the talent needs within their sector. These consortiums are a collaboration of workforce experts, employers, education providers and nonprofit organizations working to develop creative solutions to our region’s talent pipeline needs.

Employer Seminar: Innovative Talent Development Strategies for The Tech Industry

West Michigan Tech Talent is a West Michigan Works! sector initiative targeting the technology industry. They are hosting a free seminar to provide employers with new ideas to recruit and retain tech talent. Come learn about innovative and inclusive strategies for talent development. Leave with ideas and best practices to use at your organization.


 June 21, 2018  |  5:30-7pm

Start Garden  |  40 Pearl St NW  |  Grand Rapids, MI