Plasan Carbon Composites

The success stories highlighting how the Going PRO Talent Fund (GPTF) has impacted a company are as diverse as the companies they represent.

The stories include a range of challenges:

  • from general needs, like assistance with increasing efficiencies to reduce costs while maintaining product quality;
  • to highly-specific needs, like ISO certification to expand their business outside of the US;
  • and as straight forward as assistance with recruiting talent and upskilling their workforce.

While the needs vary, the impact of the program on businesses is consistent. Recipients of GPTF dollars report outcomes like “continued growth as a company,” “meet demand with excellence,” and “expand into new markets.”

Going PRO Talent Funds in Action

One such recipient is Plasan Carbon Composites, a walker-based manufacturer of carbon fiber automotive components. Plasan moved its manufacturing operations from Vermont to Michigan in 2012. Due to demand for a proprietary carbon fiber molding process, they continue to grow and expand, creating jobs for West Michigan workers.

“This year, thanks to approval funding from the GPTF, we were able to train over 30 of our employees in leadership, project management and various advanced electrical and maintenance skills. Additionally, we were able to hire and train an accounting coordinator, production associate and business development manager. These newly gained abilities, knowledge and employees are assisting our organization to remain competitive as we continue to explore new technologies and expand into new markets.” – Lisa Thorsen, Human Resources Manager, Plasan Carbon Composites

In 2019, 257 West Michigan companies received funding to train current employees and new hires. The funds are a key resource for employers who need to hire new talent, retain current employees and stay competitive in their market. The impact of the Going PRO Talent Fund is much greater than the company’s bottom line. It increases employee satisfaction and wages, creates new jobs and boosts the region’s economy.