West Michigan High Demand Industries Need You!

Every other week beginning February 22, West Michigan Works! (WMW!) will be highlighting the five high demand industries in our region: agribusiness, construction, health care, information technology and manufacturing. This week WMW!, the Agribusiness Talent Council and West Michigan Tech Talent are featuring exciting careers in IT and agribusiness. 

The Future is NOW in IT 

Technology is a part of nearly every aspect of life. It is no wonder that information technology is one of the fastest growing industries.  

With IT positions available in fields ranging from health care to construction to entertainment, you will never be boxed into a single industryWorking in IT means you can play a part in solving real-world problems of today and the future. The rapidly growing industry also offers jobs with higher wages, flexibility, and work-life balance 

Regardless of your education level, personality type, and intereststhere are a variety of ways to turn your passion into a tech career. There’s a place for you in IT!  

Feeding West Michigan and the World 

Did you know that Michigan is one of the most agriculturally diverse states in the nation—second only to California 

Due to our unique geography and climate, we produce products from potatoes to soybeans to asparagus. In fact, the eggs in your favorite fast-food breakfast sandwich probably came from West Michigan! 

Agribusiness isn’t just growing crops and raising livestock. It also includes food science, production, quality control, packaging, marketing, and much more! With a growing workforce of 26,000 employees in West Michigan, there are great opportunities available for you in agribusiness! 

West Michigan Works! is highlighting the agribusiness and IT industries March 22-26. Visit the industry spotlight page to register for the virtual agribusiness job fair, the IT professional networking event and learn more about these high-demand industries!