Workforce Development Board Application

Workforce Development Board

West Michigan Works! is a solution-driven workforce development organization that strengthens businesses and the local economy through talent development programs, services and initiatives. The organization is governed by an employer-led board that includes representatives from private business and economic development, community-based, labor and education/training organizations. The primary focus of the West Michigan Works! Workforce Development Board (WDB) is to:

  • Broker and promote strategic relationships between employer, economic, education, and workforce partners.
  • Develop a strategy to continuously improve and strengthen the workforce development system through innovation/alignment/improvement of employment, training, and education programs.
  • Establish a platform in which all members actively participate and collaborate with partners to create a more effective workforce investment system.
  • Collaborate with workforce and education partners to improve and align employment, training, and education programs under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) as well as other workforce development programs.

Board Application Process

West Michigan Works! is seeking applicants for appointment to our regional workforce board. Interested applicants must fill out either the PDF application (see instructions below) and attach to the form below or submit the online application to be reviewed by a nominating committee of the WDB executive committee. Applications will be accepted until Friday, July 30, 2021. The committee will review applicants for alignment with WIOA regulations, geographic representation across the region and diversity requirements. If an appropriate number of applicants is not received, the application will be rereleased.

Applicants meeting nomination requirements and having the necessary support (see below) will be presented to the West Michigan Works! governing board for appointment. Appointments will be for two years and individuals may seek reappointment after their two-year term.

Letters of Support

WIOA requires that business representatives appointed to the local WDB have optimum policymaking and/or hiring authority. They should represent businesses—including small businesses—that provide employment opportunities in regional in-demand industry sectors or occupations. These representatives must also be supported or nominated by local business (e.g. chamber of commerce) or a trade organization/association. A letter of support or nomination from such an organization must accompany a business representative application.

Individuals representing workforce or labor organizations must provide a letter of support or nomination from a local labor federation. Individuals representing higher education or adult education may provide a letter of support or nomination from the Career Educational Advisory Committee (CEAC). To contact the CEAC for support please contact

For further guidance or questions, please contact

To submit a PDF application, please download the fillable form and save to your computer. The form must be saved on your computer before you can enter your information (NOTE: your information may be lost if you do not save the empty form to your computer before editing). After you have completed the application, please save the completed document as “FirstName_LastName WDB Application.” In the form below, select “yes” under “Are you submitting your application as a PDF?” Then, upload the completed PDF application and submit.