Services for Employers

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West Michigan Works! offers an extensive array of services and programs to help employers attract and recruit the best qualified candidates and maximize their existing workforce. Michigan Works! services are offered free of charge to eligible job seekers and employers. 

Talent Recruitment


  • Position profiling
  • Wage research
  • Job descriptions


  • Job postings on MI Talent Connect
  • Recruitment via a variety of mediums including Talent Connect, social media, news publications, Service Center postings and orientations
  • Job fairs and Employer of the Day events


  • Application and resume collection
  • Application screening
  • Candidate interview scheduling

Access to Training Funds

Customized Training:
provides funds for employers in West Michigan to upgrade skills of employees in order to retain or maintain employment, enhance their wage earning capacity, add to the viability and productivity of the business or avert a layoff situation.

On the Job Training (OJT): can help newly hired eligible employees acquire occupational skills in a paid working environment. Employers are eligible to be reimbursed for up to 50 percent of the participating employee’s wage during the training period.

Skilled Trades Training: provides competitive awards for the development and implementation of training that ensures employers have access to a talent pipeline that allows them to compete and grow and job seekers have the skills they need to find and retain employment that pays a living wage.

Business Retention, Growth and Attraction

Layoff Aversion and Dislocated Worker Services: 
For most employers, layoffs are a last resort. We partner with local and state agencies to help distressed businesses return to profitability. If layoffs are necessary, we are available for early assistance to help the affected employees. We will provide on-site orientation to Service Center resources for groups of workers affected by layoffs, plant closings, or downsizing and can work with the employees to help them transition to new jobs.

Federal Tax Credits and Hiring Incentives: We can connect you with available tax credits and incentives to reduce recruitment and training costs.

Other Business Services

Free Access to Office Equipment and Space:
phones, computers, fax, and Internet as well as the use of office space for hiring activities, if necessary.

Access to Labor Market Information: stay up-to-date on the latest trends in employment at the local and state levels.