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Transformational Leadership: Building a Thriving Culture

Presenter: Andrew Bennett

Every person is a powerhouse of potential just waiting to be unlocked. Is your organization a place where people can be the best they can be?

The ability of an organization to thrive flows from its leaders. Leaders create the conditions for people to access their potential and are architects of culture.

Leaders who transform their own hearts and minds can engage the hearts and minds of others. Leaders who work to understand the beliefs and assumptions that affect their thinking, and do so transparently, enable others to think in positive, productive and creative ways. Leaders who courageously confront their limitations and cultivate hope create a culture of possibility and resilience. These “Transformational Leaders” create the conditions for trust, creativity, innovation, collaboration and change.

This presentation introduces Andrew Bennett’s Transformation Framework© that enables leaders to create environments where people can thrive.

Expect to learn:

  • The critical need to cultivate hope and inspiration
  • The power of words and language
  • The importance of self-reflection
  • How unconscious beliefs and assumptions may be creating limitations
  • How to develop leadership mastery


About our speaker


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Andrew Bennett is a former corporate executive with a Fortune 100 company who started his career as H. Ross Perot’s personal assistant. Eight years later he led a $65 million business in Australia.  

He has over two decades experience as a global leadership and organizational culture consultant and executive coach working with clients all over the world including Fortune 100 companies like Ford Motor Company, Marriott, GE Healthcare, and organizations of all sizes, public and private, including government, education, health care and non-profit. Andrew has been involved in nearly 40 major organizational transformations with these clients over the last 20 years.  

A magician for 45 years, Andrew is a Member of The Magic Circle, the oldest and most prestigious society of magicians in the world. Members include David Copperfield, David Blaine, Johnny Carson, and Cary Grant.  

Thriving despite decades of tragic losses he uses his unique experience and strengths, to teach others to overcome adversity and create positive changes in their lives.  

Put it all together and you get The Magic of Andrew Bennett – not just a speaker, not just a businessperson, not just a magician – he’s a magical presence.